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Technology both attracts and repels us from each other.

Let go of soulless fast fashion, and would like to focus more on creating delicate design.

May our handcrafted works remind people to cherish what they have, and, as the old saying goes, to live in the moment.


Life is an experiment. We learn and improve through trials and error, and so does “0924 Laboratory”.


“LABORATORY” is where countless experiments give birth to our products. The abstract Chinese word “工” in our logo represents that all our products are hand-crafted and each one of them is unique, just because we believe that:

"Throughout life's complications, you should maintain such a sense of elegance."


Inspired by flowers, leaves and simple curves, we aspire to create retro jewelleries by using mixed craft techniques to process materials such as brass and natural pearls. We hope that our accessories may reflect your beauty and confidence.

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